Winter in the vineyard

Fall is the season when we have time to get away and visit family and friends.  It’s also when we get caught up on things that we put off during the busy growing and harvest season.

When Christmas and New Year celebrations are over and all the decorations put away, we get back into vineyard mode and begin our winter pruning.   Almost all of the growth from the previous season has to be cut and removed from the vineyard and then either burned or shredded.

We like to compost our shredded canes to use as enrichment for the sandy soil in our lawn areas.  In previous seasons we had to cut all the canes by hand, carry them out of the rows, and pile them up to be shredded when we had ‘extra’ time.  This season we made two improvements to the process.  First we began using a battery powered hedge trimmer to cut the canes.  Secondly, David designed and built a wagon that we can use to pull the shredder down the rows so we can shred as we go – it is pure genius!

Rough pruning with the hedger
shredder on wagon


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