Cabernet Franc 2016 is available for purchase!

You’ve asked us to let you know when the wines are available for purchase.  Lost Oak Winery announced their latest wine release on January 24, 2018 which included Cabernet Franc 2016 (from our grapes here at Burning Daylight Vineyards).   If you can’t get to the winery in person, you can order from their website (

Out of state purchasers may use the Vinoshipper website:

Sauvignon Blanc 2016 is also still available.   Happy shopping!


2016 Sauvignon Blanc wins Bronze Medal at San Francisco!

The  2016 Sauvignon Blanc was a Bronze Medal winner at the 2018 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition!  

Many thanks to Lost Oak Winery for taking such excellent care of our grapes, and congratulations on winning a total of 5 medals at the 2018 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition – One Gold, Two Silver, and Two Bronze!  Check out the Lost Oak website for details on all their medals

Winter in the vineyard

Fall is the season when we have time to get away and visit family and friends.  It’s also when we get caught up on things that we put off during the busy growing and harvest season.

When Christmas and New Year celebrations are over and all the decorations put away, we get back into vineyard mode and begin our winter pruning.   Almost all of the growth from the previous season has to be cut and removed from the vineyard and then either burned or shredded.

We like to compost our shredded canes to use as enrichment for the sandy soil in our lawn areas.  In previous seasons we had to cut all the canes by hand, carry them out of the rows, and pile them up to be shredded when we had ‘extra’ time.  This season we made two improvements to the process.  First we began using a battery powered hedge trimmer to cut the canes.  Secondly, David designed and built a wagon that we can use to pull the shredder down the rows so we can shred as we go – it is pure genius!

Rough pruning with the hedger
shredder on wagon


2016 Sauvignon Blanc wins Silver at Texas International Wine Competition!

Congratulations to Lost Oak Winery for 8 medals at the Texas International Wine Competition!   Check out all the winning wines at

We are pleased to report that the 2016 Sauvignon Blanc (grapes from Burning Daylight Vineyards) received a Silver Medal – if you harvested with us last July then you picked another winner!

Also, don’t forget that the Lost Oak Winery Annual Holiday Wine Sale is underway – take an additional 10% off cases of wine from Nov 24-Dec 2.

Prepping a new row

new row

You may have heard us say that we were NOT planning to expand in the near future.  Well……that is still true BUT we will plant some test vines in 2018 to get a feel for what variety will be included in our next full block expansion down the road.  This way we will have a few seasons to see how well we can manage the new varietal(s) before making a final decision.  Can’t wait to see how the new ‘babies’ will perform!

Kittens and Clones

Although there are still plenty of off-season tasks to perform after harvest season, we took a break and headed to Dayton to visit our daughter and son-in-law.  The weather was  beautiful – imagine sunshine and cool breezes.   Karin and Cliff are remodeling an 1885 duplex in the St. Anne’s Hill Historic District of Dayton which will serve as the home of Gem City Catfé – a café that serves coffee and bakery treats as well as the opportunity to play with cats and kittens.  Pictured here are two of the future resident kittens (Meowrville and Willpur) who graciously kept me company as I was researching clonal selections of vines for spring 2018.


Cabernet Sauvignon Harvest 9-23-17

It’s hard to believe harvest season has wrapped up.  It seems like only yesterday the buds were popping as if to say ‘ready or not, here we come’!

The total from Saturday’s harvest came to 2,688 lbs of Cabernet Sauvignon – a little less than we estimated probably due to some shriveling as well as the birds.

Thanks so much to everyone who came to pick on Saturday  as well as all the previous harvests.  You not only do a great job, you make it fun!

Last Harvest this Saturday!

Our final harvest of the season will be the Cabernet Sauvignon on Saturday Sept 23.  There are about 3,000-4,000 lbs total, we’ll start at daylight (about 7:15 am) and will have drinks and snacks (must take care of those fabulous volunteers).




Malbec Harvest 9-9-17

We’re happy to report that on Saturday morning we harvested 2,095 lbs of Malbec.  It was a beautiful sunny morning that started out at 61° – what a treat!  Lost Oak confirmed that the fruit tested at 24° Brix – we’re pleased with that but are looking forward to next season when the vines will be more mature and the growers more experienced.   

Many thanks to those who were able to be here, we couldn’t make it without you!