Big Harvest on Saturday August 26 2017

Howdy everybody, we have great news – Gene and Jim have pronounced our Cabernet Franc ready to pick so we will harvest this Saturday (August 26). 

We will begin at first light (about 7:00 am) and will go until the grapes are all picked or it gets too hot.

“It’s the big one, Elizabeth”  (guess that’s a giveaway of my age, if you recognize the quote you don’t have to admit it).  We’re estimating that there are 10,000 lbs (yes, ten thousand pounds) so if you can pick for the whole morning or even just part of it come on over, we appreciate any help!

A headcount is helpful for food prep (some home baked goodies are planned).   If you can let me know if you can make it that would be appreciated, but come no matter what if it works for you!

We have harvest shears here for you to use.  Many folks sit on an overturned bucket but you can bring a chair or stool if you prefer.  You do not have to carry the full buckets, just fill them and leave them in the row.   The vines are not prickly so you don’t have to wear long sleeves/pants unless you prefer to for sun protection, and a hat is a good idea.  There are some fire ants in a few spots so shoes/socks are usually better than sandals but choice of footwear is up to you.   We will have water, Gatorade, and food available as well as sunscreen and bug spray (we haven’t needed it but it never hurts to be prepared).


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